Harris Primary School

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2nd June 20
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School Uniform


A simple uniform is worn by the majority of children as follows:

· light blue polo shirt or blouse or shirt (short-sleeved)

· dark grey trousers/shorts or dark grey skirt or light blue gingham dress

· royal blue school sweatshirt

· black shoes (velcro fastening is easier than laces)

- grey socks with shorts and trousers, white socks with skirts and dresses. 

· book bag (available from school)


For PE children will need:

· school T-shirt in their house colour (available from school)

· plain red elasticated shorts (small sizes available from school)

· PE Bag (available from school)


Our official uniform providers are Bang Bang Uniform Shop (Lancaster Road, Preston), Monkhouse (pop-up shop in Fishergate Centre), Smart Schoolwear (Lancaster Road, Preston) and Top One Uniform in St John's Shopping Centre. Uniform can also be ordered online from Monkhouse (http://www.monkhouse.com/c/288/Harris-Primary-Uniform) and My Clothing (https://myclothing.com/harris-primary-school/6406.school). Uniform items from these outlets contain our school logo but parents are free to purchase from other places if they so wish.