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Art and Design

Year 3 Blackburn Museum Visit

Year 3 really enjoyed their visit to Blackburn Museum. We learnt about the art of printing and looked at Japanese prints to inspire our own prints. We were also able to use one of the only working Victorian printing machines.

Year 3 Spring 2

Year 3 started their Geography topic about France by looking at the work of famous French Impressionists. We took a Claude Monet painting and worked collaboratively to produce a large scale impression of one of his watercolours. 

Reception - Spring 2 - Week 2

In Reception this week we have been exploring clay.  We had a go at moulding and shaping it using our hands and making simple sculptures.


Year 1 - Colours

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Today Year One learnt about the three primary colours (yellow, red and blue) and began to explore colour mixing. By the end of the lesson the children were able to name the three primary colours and were able to mix primary colours to make various secondary colours, for example, mixing red and yellow to make orange. The children created their own colour wheel and practised using a paintbrush with control and accuracy. 

Tuesday 25th January 2020.

Reception and Year One had a fantastic visit to the Harris Museum and Art Gallert today.  We explored the different areas of the museum and had a brilliant time.  The children looked at the history of Preston and explored a wide range of perfume bottles - we looked at the different designs and noticed that there were lots of different shapes and colours.  We looked at the patterns used in pottery and we managed to 'spot' the Preston North End Teapot.  When we looked at the Costume Gallery the children were quick to identify repeating patterns and they loved the bright colours.


The children were very enthusiatic and engaged when exploring a range of metal sculputes.  We observed these carefully and had a go at 'drawing what we see.'  We handled a bronze sculpture and we learned about the step-by-step process that is needed to make it.


We also examined and discussed the 'Ring Chain Spectrum', a sculpture made of knitted loops.  We then worked with a partner to make our own version - a very impressive and colourful piece!

We had a lovely quiet time in the Harris Library and enjoyed a run around outside.  The children also enjoyed their packed lunches - thank you to our lunch time staff for providing these.


The children really enjoyed the experience - they learned a lot and were very well behaved.  It was a pleasure to take them to the Harris Museum and it is well worth another visit.  Thank you to all our helpers and the lovely bus driver.  Thank you everyone for all your efforts when fund raising.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Reception - Spring 1

Children in Reception listened to the story/music - God Gave Names To All The Animals and created collaborative art work following a discussion of how it made them feel.

We have also been painting characters from the story - Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?

Reception - Spring Term 1

In Reception we have been painting penguins using sponges and adding detail using collage materials.  The children looked at a penguin and its shape and characteristics and we decided to add a 'fluffy' texture by using sponges instead of a paint brush.  The children then cut out a beak and added eyes.  The children were pleased with their paintings and thought they were quite realistic.

Year 5 have created their own Onomatopoeia 'Pop Art' in the style of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Autumn Year 3

In Year 3 we have painted cave paintings just like they did in Stone Age times. First we researched, then we experimented with different tools such as sticks and leaves before creating our final design. We learnt to: 

Choose their own starting point from a range of ideas e.g. a visit to an art gallery, an artefact, digital images, experiences.


Begin to record their thoughts and experiences in a sketch book / ‘ideas journal’.

Explain the reasons for their ideas, and discuss and answer questions about how their ideas have developed.

Discuss the styles of artists, craft makers or designers and use this to inform their own work.

Begin to understand the historical and/or cultural significance of a chosen artist /art form.

Tone and Texture

In Year 2 we have been learning about self and royal portraits. The children have observed lines and shapes they can see on photographs of themselves and paintings of Henry VIII by the artist Hans Holbein. We have learnt about 2B, 4B and 6B pencils and how they can effect our sketches. The children explored different lines to create light and dark tones and applied these to their sketched of Henry VIII. 

We have some super displays of Art work around school - come and see our Harris Gallery in the Juniour library to see skill progression across the school.
Reception children have been developing their observational skills by drawing and painting pumpkins and owls.
The children in Reception listened to the story - Lucy's Picture.  In the story, Lucy made a sensory picture for her Grandpa who was blind.  We had a go at making our own sensory pictures too.  We had to create a collage - choosing materials and fixing them to our card using a variety of glue and tape.  We used scissors too.  We are going to use a blindfold and then feel our pictures.
The children in Reception have had their first go at observational drawing.  They looked at two dolls and tried to create a likeness using pencil and coloured pencil crayons.  They had to look at the different shapes, lines and colours on the dolls.

In Reception this term the children have been recording their own ideas through drawing and painting.

They have explored lines and textures and explored and used a variety of tools and materials.

They have used thick and thin brushes and used these to mix paint.

The children have looked carefully and painted self portraits.

The children have looked at the life and work of the artist Picasso and painted pictures in the style of his 'blue' period.

While involved in creative activities the children have talked about their ideas and the choices that they have made.