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Design and Technology

Year 1 'Mock-Up' Puppets

Monday 3rd February 2020

Today Year One used simple joining techniques to make simple 'mock-ups' of the puppets we explored in the previous lesson. We had lots of fun making and playing with our puppets.

Reception - Spring Term 1

In Reception class we have been exploring a variety of materials to build animal homes.  The children made a prototype first to 'test' their ideas.  They worked well together and it was lovely to see them helping each other and suggesting improvements to their designs.  The children investigated how their materials could be joined together and how to keep their structure stable.

Year 1 Investigating Puppets

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Today we bgan a new topic in Design Technology. We began to explore different puppets. We used the internet to reseasrch puppets and played with the different puppets in our classroom. 

We looked at finger puppets, glove puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets and sock puppets.

Next week we will begin to make some simple puppets. 

Year 3 Shadow puppets

In year 3 we made shadow puppets which links to our science unit on light and shadows. We went through a design process and planned out the making of them. We focused on cutting and joining techniques. This linked with our literacy unit on 'instructional writing'. The puppets, which have moving parts, are from a Christmas Carol  - a play we read and performed as part of our play script unit. 

Castles with a moving mechanism

In Year 2 we have been making castles in our DT this half term. The castle needed to included a moving drawbridge that could be raised and lowered by turning a mechanism. The children also practised joining each part using different techniques. After we had made our structures stronger and decorated them. Finally we evaluated our own castles and voted which castle we thought met the design criteria the best. 

In Reception and Year 3 the children have been making shadow puppets.  Reception children designed their puppets and had to cut them out carefully.  They added decorations to make their puppets look like scary monsters.  In Year 3 the children made their puppets with a moving part.


Children in Year 2 have been making castle with a moving mechanism.  They had to experiment with different joining techniques and fixing materials.  They created different textures and finishes.


In Year 4 the children have been exploring paper engineering.  They have created a cards with a v fold, box pop-up and a 'hide and reveal' slide.

Year 6 have designed and made some clay shields while Reception children have moulded and shaped doh to create some owl models.
Well done to our first Design and Technology Club members who have designed and made these super bookmarks.

In Reception this term the children have been using a variety of tools and materials to mould and shape and they have  been learning the names of the tools they have been using.

They have been developing their skills when using scissors and other equipment.

They have been exploring a range of construction equipment and materials and using tools to design and make a variety of models and structures.

We have made a tree with a moving part exploring the use of sliders.

We are learning how to work safely and hygienically and have made 'face' biscuits.

A group of children have also attended a Design and Technology Club to further develop their skills.