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World Book Day

We had lots of fun celebrating and sharing our favourite books and characters for world book day. We talked about our favourite books and which genres we enjoy reading. The children wrote book reviews for our classroom reading area to recommend their books their friends. We talked about why reading is such a special skill because it allows us to travel to wonderful places and meet extrodinary characters. The children played the role of the character throughout the day which wasn't easy when we had the grumpy Mr Gum scowling and grunting at us. We ended the day with Mr Gum reading our class novel 'The Naughtest Girl in School' and we think that Elizabeth (the naughtest girl in school) and Mr Gum would really get along. 

Reception - Book Day.

Reception class had a lovely time during Book Day today.  We made our own bookmarks and little zig-zag picture books.  We also drew and labelled a picture of the character we dressed up as.  We shared some of the children's favourite books but didnit have time to read them all, if you send their books in again next week we will make time to share these too.


Year Six came to share their favourite stories with us and it was lovely.  Both classes really enjoyed the experience and it is something we aim to do again.

Year 2 Play Scripts

This half term we have been learning about Play Scripts. We have identified features of a play script, read and acted out scenes and also turned part of a story into a play. The children are currently working hard to write their own ending scene to our focused text 'Oh, Gnome'. We will preform some of our writing at the end of the week. Keep posted. 

Reception - Spring 1

The children in Reception enjoyed Hot Seating Elmer the elephant.  We are getting really good at asking questions and finding our information.

Year 3 Play Scripts and Instructional Writing

In English this half term we have focused on play scripts. Here we are rehearsing the play ‘Tune of Lies’. We moved on to writing our own play after reading the blur for ‘The Fib’ by George Layton. After this we read a play version of A Christmas Carol and acted it out. In DT we made shadow puppets of the character and using our science knowledge of light and shadows we will put on a shadow puppet play of A Christmas Carol.

While we were making our puppets we kept a list of equipment and the steps needed to make one so we could link making them to our other unit this term - instructional writing.

Year 2 Kenning Poems

Year 2 have been learning about Kenning Poems in English this half term. We identified features of Kenning Poems including that they describe using accurate adjectives without naming the noun. The children learnt about alliteration and rhyme and tried hard to include them in their own Kenning poem about Bonfire Night.