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Friday 10th July

Good morning boys and girls


English: Please refer to Day 5 on the Lancashire weekly plan for this week’s English.


Maths: Today I would like you to complete a new set of arithmetic questions. See the attached Arithmetic file. Just like in class, show your working out for each question choosing your preferred method. If you would like to challenge yourself, have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge for this week. Work as a family to solve these problems. Questions 1, 2 and 3 are most suitable for Year 2 children.


Topic: Look back at all Henri Matisse’s the artwork that you have discovered this week. Discuss the following questions with someone at home.


Which one is your favourite artwork that you have looked at this week?

Why is it your favourite?

Tell someone three facts you have learnt about Henri Matisse.

Do you always have to paint with paints?

What other materials can you use to create art?

What are the benefits of using paper that you can’t do with paint?

What is different about Henri’s early artwork to the art that he created later in life?


Take care

Miss Rigby