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Year 3 World Climate Spring 1

In the Spring Term Year 3 look at World climate. We researched the different climates in dessert, polar regions and rainforest regions. We considered how these areas are affected by global warming and combined our research about this with our Literacy topic on Discussion Texts to write arguments.

Reception - Spring 1

Percy the Park Keeper visited Reception.  We learned about how he keeps the park tidy and how he looks after the animals in the park.  He showed us his equipment and how it works.  He told us about the special clothes he wears and how they change with the seasons.


Year 3 Europe

In Geography this term our topic has been Europe. We have looked at maps, atlases, globes and digital maps to find and locate places. We then focused on one country and created an information text about it. We used our newly learnt IT skills to type quickly as well and using safe and reliable searches to ensure our research was accurate. We ended the topic by presenting to the rest of the class


In Year 2 we have been learning about daily and seasonal weather patterns. We have kept a daily weather diary describing what the weather was like each day. We discussed that although we experience daily weather changes during every season, some types of weather are much more likely to occur. We have started to complete our seasonal weather log. We will return to this over the year to record what the weather is like using adjectives; record the temperature reading the thermometer outdoors and events that occur during each season. We have watched a selection of weather forecasts and used common langauge features to write our own weather forecast using Purple Mash. 


As geographers we have:

Identified seasonal and daily weather patterns.

Named and located significant places in the UK. 

Used simple compass directions as well as locational and directional language when describing features and routes.