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Local History: Harris Primary School

This half term we are learning about the history of Harris Primary School. We have learned who Edmund Harris was and what happened to his wealth when he died. The boys and girls discussed which of our school values Edmund Harris shared including trust, equality and love. We listened to a story about the Harris Orphanage and the activities and education the children did to improve their lives. Finally, we learned that the Orphanage changed into a primary school that continued to educate many children in Fulwood. Eventually, the school moved from its orginal site and is now located to where we are now. Some of our children have stopped by the old Harris Orphanage site and had their photo taken outside. Keep a look out for our non-chronological reports about Harris Primary School. 


Develop an awareness of significant historical events, people and places in our own locality. 

Recognise that their own lives are similar and / or different from the lives of people in the past.

Autumn Year 3 - Stone Age

We started our Stone Age topic with an archaeological dig to understand how information about the past is found, as well as beginning to understand the different time periods within the Stone Age. We ended our topic with a Stone Age Day - painting cave art, looking at the fossils we made in science, making fires, making bow and arrows and inviting our parents and relatives to view a gallery of our learning

History Kings and Queens (Year 2)

To end our history unit about Kings and Queens, we entered into the court of Henry VIII. We began by learning about Henry as a young prince and events such as the war of the roses that Henry's father (Henry VII) ended. Next Henry unexpectedly became King when his brother Arthur died. Throughout the workshop we were introduced to each of his wives, listened to their stories and what happened to them. We all know that Henry wanted a heir to the tudor throne and we met his three children who all went on to rule England during the tudor period. The boys and girls listened to and learnt a tudor dance and were even entertained by Henry's jester. Thank you Debbie for your Real History workshop. 


As historians we have:

Considered why things may change over time. 

Asked and answered simple questions about the past through observing and handling a range of sources.

Recognised some basic reasons why people in the past acted as they did.

Choose parts of stories and other sources to show what they know about significant people and events.

Talked about what / who was significant in simple historical accounts.

Demonstrated simple historical concepts and events through role-play, drawing and writing.