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Class Isolation - Home Learning Timetable 19.04.21

Weekly Home Learning Timetable Week 7

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Weekly Home Learning Timetable Week 4

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Weekly Home Learning Timetable Week 2

Remember to check the ‘Stories to Share and Songs’ page; as the Reception staff will be uploading videos of stories and nursery rhymes over the coming weeks. smiley

Oxford Owl


The Oxford Owl website has lots of additional home readers for you to share with your child. You can search for sound blending books and red ditty books in the e-library. The log in details are below.


Username: harrisyear0

Password: harris0

Wednesday 5th January 2021

Hi parents and children,

This is not the way I imagined we would start our time together but we will get through it together.

Home learning will be uploaded to the ‘Today’s Morning Learning’ and ‘Today’s Afternoon Learning’ pages. All Phonics videos will be found on the ‘Phonics Videos’ page. We will recap Set 1 for the first couple of weeks and then I will add the Set 2 videos.

Please do not worry about completing all the work, I understand that working from home with the added pressure of home learning can be stressful. Do what you can and if you only manage to get through one piece of work, aim for phonics. Try to count with your child as often as you can, forwards and backs. These tasks can be done on daily walks/exercise – counting leaves or sticks. Ask questions such as, what would 1 more/1 less be? Write numbers in the mud or wet a stick in a puddle and write numbers on the floor.

I would love to see photos of your child’s home learning, please feel free to email them to me.

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be in school every day or you can send me an email.

Kind regards and stay safe.


Mrs Grainger smiley

Grandpa, Grandpa

The children have really enjoyed joining in with this story. You can enjoy it at home too!
Wednesday 7th October 2020.

5 Little Men

This is "5 Little Men" a song to share at home.


Still image for this video
Tuesday 6th October 2020.

W.B. Monday 5th October 2020.


Over the next two weeks in school in Mathematics we are learning about length and size.  We will be exploring length and size through lots of practical activities.  We will be ordering lengths and sizes and describing them correctly.  We will be 'getting' long and short/longer and shorter... lengths when asked.  (You could cut up lengths at home and get your child to order them/talk about...)


In Literacy we will be sharing the Titch series of stories by Pat Hutchins (again over two weeks.)  We will be concentrating on sequencing the story, capital letters to start a name and describing characters - writing a list of words to describe Titch.  We will also be looking at 'Super Sentences.'  (What we need to include to write a simple sentence.)


Sounds this week


c   k    u   b    f 


Please keep sharing your child's books at home and practicing letter sounds and numbers.


Thank you

Friday 2nd October 2020.

I am sending home some literacy and number sheets today.  These are to support learning at home and should be removed from your child's book bag and kept at home.


Thank you.


Still image for this video

W.B. Monday 28th September 2020.


In Mathematics this week we are concentrating on number recognition, careful counting and number order.  We are participating in lots of activities that involve counting and also matching objects to numerals.  We are 'flashing' numbers and recognizing these.  We are as always singing lots of number rhymes and songs and counting up and down a number line.



5 Little Speckled Frogs

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

5 Fat Sausages

1,2,3,4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive


In Literacy we are sharing lots of Grandpa stories and talking about the Grandpas that are in our families.  We are listening carefully and talking about the characters and what is happening in the stories.  We are trying to write the sounds we can hear when we write lists to describe a Grandpa.  We are trying really hard to form our letters correctly when we write.


We are beginning to blend the sounds we can recognize to read simple words.




a-m ...


Sounds we are focusing on this week

i   n   p   g   o


Thank you.






W.B. Monday 21st September 2020.

In Mathematics we are learning about repeating patterns.  We have been copying, continuing, and creating repeating patterns using lots of different resources.  We will be going on a Pattern Walk and also creating repeating patterns using chalks outdoors. 


We have also learned a simple pattern song -


Clap your hands and wriggle your fingers.

Clap your hands and wriggle your fingers.

Clap your hands and wriggle your fingers.

Now we've made a pattern.  (Change the actions to create new versions of the song)


In Literacy we have again be exploring books which rhyme - sharing Each Peach, Pear, Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  We have been cutting out and sorting rhyming pictures and also listening for initial sounds.


We have been learning the following letter sounds -


m a s d t 


and learning how to say and write these correctly.  We say the 'pure' sounds and try not to add a 'r' sound at the end. 





W.B. Monday 14th September 2020.

In Mathematics we have been exploring shapes and sizes.  We have been describing flat shapes using the correct vocabulary - sides/corners/points and also learning their correct mathematical names.  We have been looking for shapes in our immediate environment and also using them to make pictures.  We have been ordering sizes and again describing them using the correct vocabulary big/small/little/bigger....


We are also continuing to 'count carefully', saying numbers in the correct order and also we are learning that the last number in the count tells us how many there are.


In Literacy we are focusing on rhyme and listening for sounds.  We are enjoying our Smarty Pants book and we are joining in with the rhyming parts.  We are learning the 'sounds' that letters make in preparation for starting our Read, Write Inc program next week.  This can be reinforced at home by selecting an object or picture - giving your child the 'word' and asking them what it starts with.  (If they are confident they can listen for end sounds too.)  We are sharing lots of books that reinforce rhyme and we are singing lots of rhymes too.  We are sharing our home reading books in school and these will be sent home next week.


We are learning a days of the week song - see if your child can teach it to you.

W.B. Monday 7th September 2020

In Reception this week we have been singing nursery rhymes and continuing rhyming strings - hen, pen...

pig, tig....  (These can be nonsense words.)  We have been listening for initial sounds and sharing lots of stories.  We have been retelling stories and predicting endings.  We are also trying hard to write our names - signing into activities and writing our names on all our recorded learning activities.  


In Mathematics we have been recognizing numbers and having a go at ordering numbers too.  We have been practicing 'careful counting', putting objects in a line and using a pointy finger to count them correctly.  We have been holding our pencils correctly and having a go at forming letters and numbers too.


We have been listening carefully and following instructions.  We have been talking about our families and sharing our news.



Oxford Reading Tree

A useful website for reading and phonics which can be used to support home learning can be found below -

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Username - harrisyear0

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