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Home Learning week beginning 1.6.20

Maths – this week you’ll be revising formal written subtraction

Below are 3 videos to show how we progressed through written subtraction methods over the year. They will all get you to the answer but the earlier methods take longer. It’s always best to go for the method you feel comfortable with but even better if you can push yourself and try the quicker methods.

REMEMBER! When doing a subtraction there is only ONE amount. The other number is just what we are taking away from it.

Using dienes  Draw the amount and cross off what’s being taken away. DO NOT DRAW DIENES FOR BOTH NUMBERS

Subtraction using Dienes

Expanded method  The numbers are partitioned just like the above but now we write numbers instead of drawing the number.

Y4 - how to subtract using expanded column subtraction

A video for Year 4 children and their parents showing how to subtract a 3-digit number from another 3-digit number using the expanded column subtraction meth...

Day 1: become familiar with the methods by watching the videos and practising. You could roll a dice to create 2 numbers. Remember to subtract the smaller number from the larger.

NOTE: Even though we are revising written methods of subtraction don’t forget that there are lots of mental methods you should be using too if it’s quicker and easier to.



Day 1 Homophones

Day 2: Homophones

Write out the homophones from the list on spelling city Summer 1 and Summer 2 on pieces of card. Play a game of matching pairs / memory game. However! You only get to keep your pair if you use them both correctly in sentences.


Day 3: Prefix anti-

Use any of the methods from the link at the top of the English for any you are struggling with


How do we know so much about the Egyptians?

Art / DT
Draw your favourite symbol in detail for example you might choose L and look up some pictures of lions to sketch in detail.
Alternatively, you could write or make your name in hieroglyphs


Practise your touch type Egyptian style. Why not take a screenshot of your message and post it to our blog for everyone to translate? I’ll post one too.

Just for fun

Make a life sized message in hieroglyphs. Using items from round your house that match the Egyptian symbols to spell out a message. Obviously none of us have a lion at home but you might have toy lion.