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Home Learning week beginning 4.5.20

Maths – Multiplication and division in the context of measures



For Home Learning week 4 you were asked to recap arrays – finding arrays on your walk or in your home. For example, an egg box shows

2 x 3 =6,    3 x 2 =6,     6 ÷ 2 =3,     6 ÷ 3 =2

Now let recap how arrays can help use to solve multiplication with larger numbers.

Make yourself an array 17x5 you could do this using squared paper, counters or pennies. How many squares/ pennies are there altogether? Partition the 2-digit number to help you.

Now watch this video showing how to solve multiplication using the grid method and without having to draw the array


Workout Question 1

Apply Question 1-5



Put the numbers 3, 4 and 8 into these spaces. What’s the largest answer you can make? What’s the smallest answer you can make?

____ ____ X ____ =



You don’t have to use the items on the sheet you can choose items from your house and weight them yourself.



Record how long it takes you to walk or cycle a certain distance while you are out. You will need an adult to help you with this so distance and time can be recorded on a phone app, FitBit or similar.

Now you know this information you can work out how long it would take to walk double, triple… (You could use grid method to be accurate or round and estimate) 

Extension: could you use rounding to estimate how long it would take to walk to … Blackpool, London.. any place of your choice. (You need to use something like Google maps to find the distance – and you could even use it to see if Google agrees with your walking estimate)




Follow a recipe and use multiplication to scale it up.

If you still have your shop set up from last week why not tell your customers that everything is double price now! You’ll have to give them the new prices at the till.



This week’s grammar recap will be connectives. The file is attached at the top of this post 

Good to know information: 

connective is a word that joins / links sentences or phrases. They can either open a sentence (linking it to the other by time for example) or they can be placed between two sentences or phrases (these can sometimes be referred to as conjunctions). We have already revised adverbs, which (when placed at the start of a sentence) can also be described as a connective.

Conjunctions are ONLY in between two phrases or sentences.  He ran inside because it rained.

Connectives include conjunctions as well as any opening connecting word. As soon as it rained he ran inside so he wouldn’t get wet.

It is very common these two words are mixed up incorrectly – so don’t worry about it too much. I make a point of this because the home learning pack from Twinkl I’ve given to you this week has made this mistake. To avoid confusion, it would have been best if they’d used ‘connectives’ as this includes both those that open and those that join. Otherwise the pack is very good.

Work through it at your own pace. (Note that it my holiday week next week also - so plenty of time to complete this pack.)


Topic: Ancient Egyptian Religion

Complete the activities in the following order



The Egyptian myth of Isis and the seven scorpions - Alex Gendler

Dive into the Egyptian myth of Isis, a powerful goddess protecting her son from her murderous brother with the help of seven scorpions. -- A woman in rags em...

What does this myth tell you about Ancient Egyptian religion?

Is it like any other religions you have studied? Compare and contrast to other religions.

They believed in the after-life. What do you know about this through other religions you have studied?


Mummification (How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy was Made)

Please consider supporting our videos on Patreon The Ancient Egyptians believed in several rituals in order to reach th...

While you do this you may wish to make some notes as it will be useful for the next activity.


Produce a piece of work using a computer to show what you’ve learnt about mummification. You could use Purple Mash i.e. leaflet, Power Point, Word, video documentary…

Include pictures of various objects associated with Egyptian mummification, e.g. canopic jar, shabti, Book of the Dead, other grave goods, sarcophagus, a mummified body, even food and drink brought for the dead.



Time to try out mummification for yourself!