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Primary School

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We are passionate about inclusion. Every child matters and deserves to learn in a safe, supportive and caring environment.


Our curriculum promotes and reflects the diverse nature of our society and prepares the children for life in modern Britain. Our assemblies and acts of collective worship reflect the diverse religious nature of our country and respect the views of those who hold no faith.


The school has excellent physical access for all pupils, with all classrooms and shared areas on the ground floor.

Learning is organised to cater for pupils of all abilities through differentiation in lessons and individual provision for pupils with specific needs.


Barriers to learning are broken down by knowing our pupils as individuals, identifying issues early on and providing timely support, tailored to the needs of each child. We pride ourselves on our vigilance and our excellent pastoral care and support.


Pupils at our school are kind to others and tolerant of their views and interests. Our Kindness Trees document simple acts of kindness towards others which are recognised and celebrated. Bullying is rare but treated seriously if it does occur, with swift and effective action taken to resolve any bullying behaviour.


Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child's learning and to help in school. Our PTFA is open to all parents, friends and relatives of pupils in the school and they raise substantial amounts of money each year to buy extra resources for the children.


Our aim is for all children to have high self-esteem and be resilient learners who are able to manage challenges, make good choices and know how to be happy.