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Physical Education

Year 3 Net and Wall Games

Year 3 are currently learning skills for net and wall games which will lead us to playing some games of quick tennis. 

Year 3 Gymnastics

Year 3 have loved gymnastics with PNE. We all lreant new ways of travelling and balancing to form sequences and over the weeks improve our technique. 

Dance Competition 2020

Please see below for the photos of the dance competition

KS1 Dance

We have had our dance lessons with Miss Sumner this half term and learned about dancing with a partner. All the boys and girls learnt the paired dance over the half term.  Please click on the link below to watch the KS1 dance.

  • Create and link simple combinations of 3 or 4 actions in ways that suit the physical activity (for example gymnastic activities).
  • Link body actions and remember and repeat dance phrases. 
  • Perform body actions with control and coordination and perform short dances, showing an understanding of expressive qualities.
Children in Reception have been working with Olivia to develop their gymnastic skills this term.  The children have worked on travelling, balances, rolls and jumps.  They have shown a good level of skill and their listening has been super.  Olivia said that the children were some of the best Reception age she had ever taught.  The children have also learned how to land and finish when performing a jump/action.  They have developed the skills to 'squat on' when using benches and some children were able to perform and hold a straddle and star shape when using the ropes.  It has been lovely to watch the children increase their skill level in gymnastics and also to see their determination to succeed.  Well done Reception and thank you to Olivia.


In Year 2 we have loved our gymnastic lessons this half term. The children have learnt different balances, travels and how to demonstrate their skills on equipment. From our first lesson to our last, the children have shown great improvements in their balance and preformance skills. Throughout each session, all the children were given plenty of opportunities to demonstrate to the rest of the class who then gave constructive feedback. Thank you Olivia for your lessons this half term.