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RWI Phonics Videos

Here you will be able to take part in a daily phonics session with Miss Rigby who will be teaching the set 2, 3 and alternative Read, Write Inc sounds. Click on the links below to access the videos. You can download the sound mats that we use in school at the bottom of the page to help you with your phonics.

RWI Set 2 

ay: may I play:

ee: what can you see:

igh: fly high:

ow: blow the snow:

oo: poo at the zoo:

oo: look at a book:

or: shut the door:

ar: start the car:

air: that's not fair:

ir: whirl and twirl:

ou: shout it out:

oy: toy for a boy:


RWI Set 3

ea: cup of tea:

oi: spoil the boy:

e: he me we she be:

a-e: make a cake:

i-e: nice smile:

o-e: phone home:

u-e: huge brute:

aw: yawn at dawn:

are: care and share:

ur: nurse with a purse:

er: better letter:

ow: brown cow:

ai: snail in the rain:

oa: goat in a boat:

ew: chew the stew:

ire: fire, fire!:

ear: hear with your ear:

ure: sure it's pure:

tion: pay attention, it's a celebration:

cious/tious: scrumptious delicious:


RWI Alternative Sounds

ue: come to the rescue:

ie: terrible tie Mr Groom:

au: I'm Paul the astronaut:

e-e: Go Pete and Steve:

ck: Tick tock clock:

kn: knock knock who's there?:

ph: take a photo:

wh: whisk whisk: