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Forces Year 3 Spring 2

This Spring 2 Year 3’s topic is Forces – in particular Magnetism. We began the topic outside as part of our termly Forest School day.

Year 2 Materials

We recieved an urgent text message from Paddington Bear, explaining that he had been out camping during the recent storm. We quickly go our coats on and headed out to find him. He was soaking. We wanted to help him by investigating a more suitable material for his tent and coat. 


The children were provided with a tray of equipment and worked together to figure out how we could begin investigate waterproof materials using the equipment on the tray. 


Once they had worked out their strategy, they began testing each material by pouring 50ml of water onto each material. After that, they removed the material and poured the water that had absorbed through each material into a measuring cylinder. They recorded their results on a table and block graph. 

Reception - Spring 1

In Reception today we enjoyed investigating which materials would best keep our animals dry.

We predicted first and then tested out our predictions to see if they were right.  We found that the materials with holes in were not very good and that the cardboard soaked up the water.  We are going to leave a cardboard box outside next time it rains to see what happens.  We found that plastic type materials were the best.  We used lots of scientific vocabulary today and some super descriptions.

Reception - Spring 1

The children in Reception have been exploring a range of materials in continuous provision.  We have been investigating materials that are magnetic and non-magnetic and also objects that float and sink.

In Technology the children have been using a gaphics programme - 2Paint and also creating virtual parks using Simple City.

Materials - Reception - Spring Term 1

In Reception class we have been investigating the variety of materials that we can see all around us.  We went on a Materials Walk and looked for different materials around school.  We realised that there are a wide range of materials and that they are used for different purposes.  We are now going to investigate the different properties of materials and their uses.  We will explore magnetic and non-magnetic materials, test which materials float and which sink, explore the properties of water and paint and also 'test' which materials best keep an animal dry.  Some children have already collected a range of materials that we want to test to see if they are waterproof.  Throughout our investigations we will be developing scientific vocabulary and using it as we explore and investigate.  We will be recording our findings in a variety of ways.

Year 1 Materials Investigation

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Today we investigated the strength of different types of paper to see which type would make the best bag for carrying shopping in. We asked the question: Which type of paper is the stongest? We decided what we would measure and how we would collect the results. We identified how to make the test fair by only changing one variable. Before we carried out the investigation we all predicted which paper we thought would be the strongest and why. Once we'd carried out the investigation we recorded our results in a table.


The Year 3 and 4 children have the opportunity to join STEM club this term and we are all really enjoying it. 

The first week we learnt all about potential and kinetic energy used to power these balloon cars. 

In week two we made a pocket torch. We learnt about batteries and how the postive and negative work togther to light up the bulb when the circuit is connected.

Following this we made some jitter bugs using a motor as part of a circuit.

Next we made paper windmills followed by the messiest of all the activities - SLIME! 

The children have loved the club and have a been engaged in STEM in fun and practical ways. We've learnt lots and have been given an insight into the types of jobs we could do within STEM. 

Racing Reindeers

Before christmas we had lots of fun making reindeers to race down a zip wire. So much fun had by all. 

Year 3 - ICT Safe searching

We have learnt to search safely so that we can carry out reliable research into European countires which has been our Geography unit this term. 

Year 3 Science and DT - Light and Shadow

Light and shadows has been Year 3's topic this half term. We began by making some shadow art using items from nature. Throughout the topic we investigated light and shadows to find: the best reflective material for making a safety jacket or trainer, the best material for making sunglasses to keep our eyes safe, as well as creating our own shadow investigation. We linked our science topic to DT and made shadow puppets. Linking this to our English topic on play scripts and instructional writing and putting on a performance of A Christmas Carol

Computing Year 2- Spreadsheet Shops

To end our spreadsheet unit the children created their own shop. They had to select items they were going to sell and give each item a price. Then they used the + and = controls to ensure that the spreadsheet totalled the coins for them. Applying the work we have learned about money and adding three numbers the children were able to find coins  they could use to buy each item in their shop. 

Computing Year 2- Magic Maths Squares

This half term we have been learning about Spreadsheets in our Computing lessons. Using PurpleMash the children have learned about cells, columns, rows and why spreadsheets are useful in everyday life. Then they created magic math squares by inputting the control to ensure that each row and column totalled 15. With plenty of practise, adding three single digits and problem solving, the children were very pleased when they completed their magic squares correctly.

Autumn Year 6

Living Things and Habitats has been the Year 6 topic this half term with a focus on classification. 


Autumn Year 5

Year 5 have been looking at human life cycles this half term and comparing gestation periods of different animals. 


Autumn Year 4

This half term Year 4 have been exploring sound: carrying out investiations and making ear protectors.


Autumn Year 3

Year 3 have been exploring rocks and soil this term linking the making of fossils to their Stone Age history topic. 

Autumn Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring life cycles in science. They even explained the life cycle of frogs in their English lessons. 


Autumn Year 1

Year 1 have been exploring thier senses in science.