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Today's Afternoon Learning

Year 4 Dance 2021 Week 3

This is "Year 4 Dance 2021 Week 3" (For Week Beginning 25-01-2021)

Year 4 Dance 2021 Week 2 (Already done - don't need to re-watch unless you want to)

This is "Year 4 Dance 2021 Week 2"

Year 4 Dance 2021 Week 1

Year 4 Dance 2021 - Week 1

SCIENCE-Thursday 7th January

In science this week we are starting our new topic 'States of Matter'. We will be learning about solids, liquids and gases over the next few weeks. Our introduction activity is to look at the sorting sheet attached above and sort the materials into three groups- Solids liquids and gases. See if you can look around your home and garden and add a few more of your own on to each list. You may want to print the sheet off and cut them out to sort them into groups. You could also make your own cover page for this topic, like we do in school, on a blank piece of paper if you have time.

Mrs Garner

ICT Friday 8th- e-safety, SMART poster

ICT-Friday 8th January

Home learning involves spending a lot of time online and it is important to know how to keep safe.

Look at the SMART poster above then log on to your Purple Mash and go to 2do tasks- Create your own e-safety poster on the activity set for you. Click on the 'Think about' words on the left to give you some ideas. Don't forget to save and hand in. Remember to follow the SMART rules and keep safe when using IT.


Have a good weekend.


Mrs Garner

PE-Wednesday 6th January

Today I want you to join in with the  'Ten Pieces and The Nutcracker' BBC Live Lesson.

Follow the link below and get creative with the music. This live lesson is full of dance, movement and characterisation so have fun!


From next week, we hope to put Miss Sumner's dance session on for you to join in each Wednesday afternoon.


Mrs Garner




PE 5.1.21

This half term's PE is topic on health related fitness. This week we are learning about the importance of healthy eating. Have a look at this presentation about healthy eating and complete the food pyramid activity.



Wednesday afternoon we are investigating which materials conduct electricity and whilst you may not be able to do a practical investigation at home, you can watch the power point and draw up a list of conductors and insulators. Where are insulating materials used in our homes? You may need to use ICT to do some research?


Thursday afternoon we are making pop up cards. Watch the power point below and make a card, with a box pop up, for someone you know.


Friday afternoon it is PE so go for a walk with a grown up or play with a ball in the garden. Can you remember the different types of passes we do at school?  Try out chest passes, bounce passes and shoulder passes.


Have fun!

Science and Design Technology power points

RE 23/11/20 and PSHE 24/11/20

In RE we are beginning our Christmas topic on Light. Have a look at the presentation below then look for each of the four types of light sources shown.

In PSHE we are continuing our Anti Bullying topic. Have a look at the presentation and activity sheet about making safe choices. 

Mrs Hunt

ICT 19.11.20 and PE 20.11.20

ICT this afternoon involves continuing with the power point on electricity which we started last week. This week you may wish to add sounds and transitions on slides.

Include a slide on circuits and different components in a circuit.

Also include slides on what each does plus any other interesting facts.

Watch the power point below to help you or ask a grown up to help you.


We do PE on Friday so do some exercise in or outside.

Maybe set up a circuit- Star jumps-press ups- stretches-catching a ball or using a hoola- hoop. Come up with some of your own ideas for circuit training.

Have fun!

SCIENCE 18.11.20

Watch the clip below on electrical circuits then draw and label an electrical circuit. Explain, in your own words, how an electrical circuit works. Research ways you can save electricity at home.



RE 17.11.20

We are learning about the Five Pillars of Islam. Have a look at the presentation below to find out more. Write a little about each of the five pillars.

History 16.11.20

Here is a Greek myth for you to listen to. It is a story about Odysseus and the Trojan Horse. After you have listened to it you could write about the story and draw a picture.


Science 11.11.20


Make a list of electrical items around your home. In brackets, after each item, say if it is mains or battery operated. Some may be both.

Write 3 questions you would like to find answers to related to our topic on electricity.


ICT/Science 12.11.20


Today, in class, we will start to make a power point about electricity.

Today's task is to use Power point to make your first 3 slides.


Slide 1- Introductory slide- Remember change the font, size and colour of your text and add a picture.You may need to ask a grown up to help you get started.

Slide 2- Mains and battery information slide.

Slide 3 - Where do we get electricity from? How is it generated in different ways?

PSHE 10/11/20

Our PSHE topic is Anti Bullying. Have a look at the presentation below to find out how to identify bullying beaviour and what to do if you are being bullied. Write a list of people you could tell if you were being bullied.

Mrs. Hunt

5.11.20-6.11.20  Internet safety


Log on to your Purple Mash account and go on 2Dos. Complete the 'internet safety' and 'searching for images' activities then make a poster on how to stay safe on the internet.


Friday afternoon-Tidy your bedroom and ask your mum to score you out of 10 for your effort. Do some exercise outside.

Have a good weekend!

ART- 4.11.20


This afternoon's art involves drawing Gustav Klimt's 'Tree of Life'.

Follow the steps on the attached document to have a go if you are at home.

History 3/11/20

In history we are learning about the Ancient Greek city states of Athens and Sparta. We are learning about the differences between the two states. Have a look at the Powerpoint below. When you get to the last picture write about the differences between Athens and Sparta. Use the prompts on the picture to help you.

Mrs. Hunt

Art 21.10.20


This afternoon we will be painting a picture of an Autumn landscape in the style of Georgia O' Keeffe. Look at the power point attached and see if you can draw or paint your own landscape in this style.

Georgia O'Keeffe Power point

History 20.10.20

In our Ancient Greece topic we are learning about Greek pottery. Have a look at the PowerPoint below then design your own Ancient Greek vase.


This afternoon we are investigating how sound is affected by distance. If you are at home you may want to have a go too. Use the power point as a guide to fill in the investigation sheet. You will need to ask a grown up to download a decibel measuring app. You will also need something that makes a constant sound such as an alarm clock or phone.

Good luck.

Mrs Garner


PSHE 6/10/20

There is a PSHE activity on Positive Emotions set for you on Purple Mash. This is set as a 2Do on the Purple Mash page. We are going to be doing this in class with Mrs Wright. You can do it too if you are learning from home.


History 5.10.20

We have been learning about Ancient Greek Ships. Have a look at the Ancient Greek Ships presentation below. Write about each kind of ship. Which ship would you rather sail in? You can draw a picture of your favourite ship.

Ancient Greek Ships