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Today's English Learning

English Thursday 7th January

For today's work you need to follow the link below and complete activities 1, 2 and 3 on expanded noun phrases. If you complete this quickly you can always find ten more things, around your home, to write your own expanded noun phrases on. Good luck-Mrs Garner





English Friday 8th January

Remember to complete your spelling activities for week one and ask a grown up to test you on week one spelling.

If you have time write each spelling word, from this week, in a sentence of your own.

Today's main English activity is about homophones. Follow the link below and watch the clips. Complete the activities. How many homophones can you think of? Make a list.

English 6.1.21

First I would like you to read Ozma and The Little Wizard and answer the questions.

Next there is a 7 mimute write called Wizard School for you to do.


English 5.1.21

Here is your English work for today. First there is some work from this weeks guided reading rotation. This is learning about the prefixes 're', 'sub' and 'inter'. 

Next there is a story about Icarus from Ancient Greece and some questions to answer. This is part of our work on stories from other cultures.


ENGLISH 27th November


Complete the work on using inverted commas attached below. Just do the first two sheets-Who said what and split speech please.

ENGLISH 26th November 

Complete the pronouns work attached. Write out the whole sentence for each and underline the pronouns. 

Try writing 3 more sentences of your own with pronouns in.

Pronouns activity sheet

English 23-25th November

Here is some learning about writing a report. There are 4 activities to do in total so you can do Activity 1 on Monday, activity 2 on Tuesday and activity 3 and 4 on Wednesday. Head over to BBC bitesize, Writing a Report.

Mrs. Hunt


ENGLISH - Friday 20th November


Look at the attached word document and write your own newspaper article based on 'Humpty Dumpty'.


Make sure you include the 5 W's.

Humpty news article task

ENGLISH 19.11.20

Watch the power point below and complete the activity sheet. Make a list of five more facts and five more opinions.


English 18.11.20

We are learning how to use paragraphs in our writing. Have a look at these activities on BBC Bitesize.


English 16-17.11.20

In class we are continuing to learn about writing recounts. Here is some work on BBC Bitesize about the differences between a non-fiction recount and a fictional story. There are 4 activities to do so do please complete activities 1  and 2 on Monday and activities 3 and 4 on Tuesday.

Mrs. Hunt

ENGLISH-12-13th November 2020

Watch the power point attached below. 

Now watch today's Newsround and think of some good headlines to match the stories.

Maybe even try writing your own news report on on of the stories.

English 11/11/20

For today's English we are going to do a 7 minute write. I would like you to use what we have been learning about writing recounts to write about this alien encounter. Have a look at the presentation below for your picture and prompts. 

Mrs. Hunt

English 10/11/20

in class we are continuing our learning about recounts. Follow the link to BBC bitesize Understanding Recounts. There are 3 activities to do so you might want to save one of them for tomorrow.

Mrs. Hunt



Today we are looking at pronouns. Please watch the power point attached below and complete the activities on it.

Tomorrow write a passage about what you have done this week and underline all the pronouns.

English 4/11/20

We are learning about facts and opinions in texts. Look at the presentation below to find out more. Follow the activity on the final slide. You could then look at the recount you wrote yesterday and see how many facts and how many opinions you included.

Mrs. Hunt

English 4/11/20

English 3/11/20

In class we are learning about writing a recount. I would like you to write a recount of something you did over the half term holiday. See the Powerpoint below for tips on how to write a recount. 

ENGLISH-Friday 23rd October


Watch the power point on word families and complete the activities. Can you think of any other words that belong to word families?

Word Families Power Point

ENGLISH - Thursday 22nd October

Write a story ending for the historical unit we have covered this half term about John and Hannah, the runaways.

Decide what will happen to them in the end. Think back to the story plan you did last week.

English 21/10/20

In class we have been working on our reading comprehension skills. Here is a newspaper article about Tim Peak for you to read and some questions to answer.

English 21/10/20

English 20.10.20

This is an activity from our guided reading for this week. You have to correct the word that is spelled incorrectly in each sentence. There are 5 sheets here, we just did sheet one in class but you can do more if you wish.


As part of our poetry work in class we have been learning about similes. I have put the PowerPoint we did in class on here in case you missed it. The worksheet is about making your own similes. When you have done it you could use the similes to make a poem of your own. 


7/10/20 English Work


Here is one of the spelling, punctuation and grammar sheets we do as part of our guided reading. We have done these in class so have a go at as much as you can. 


6/10/2020 English Work.