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Good morning everyone,


Here are the learning tasks for today.




Watch Tuesday's video which explains about 3D shapes reasoning.


Then complete the worksheet attached above. 


Extension task: On IXL complete the Year 6 Maths section BB.1 Identify three-dimensional figures




Our new topic is all about World War 2.

Find out what propaganda is and how it was used in World War Two by reading and watching these two sources:


Read: DK findout: World War II – Propaganda:


Watch: BBC KS2 History: How propaganda was used during World War Two:


Now, explore some of the propaganda posters used in World War Two here Imperial War Museums: Second World War Posters:


TASK: Imagine you have been asked to create a television advert to accompany one of the posters you have looked at. Choose one of the posters and the message it was giving to the British people, such as the ‘Drink Milk’ or ‘Grow Your Own’. Write a script for an advert which could be aired on the television, promoting the same message.


Afternoon Task

On the website above, complete the lesson about static electricity. 

Have fun!


Mr Groom