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Good morning everyone,


Here are the learning tasks for today.




Watch Wednesday's video - Lesson 3 - Reflections.


Then complete the worksheet attached above. 


Extension task: On IXL complete the Year 6 Maths section AA.2 Rotational symmetry




Find out about the Blitz by exploring these two sources.

Read: Imperial War Museums - The Blitz Around Britain:'Blitz'%20%E2%80%93%20from%20the,September%201940%20until%20May%201941.

Watch: BBC History KS2: The Blitz:


Now look at these photographs taken during the Blitz

Write down any words or phrases that you think of when you see them. Once you have written some, use to improve/add to your list list by exploring synonyms (words with similar meanings). 


Now watch the short YouTube clip, Blitz: animated multimedia here:


TASK: Write a diary entry, from during the blitz, imagine you were in one of the houses on the Youtube clip.


Afternoon Task

On the website above, complete the lesson about electrical circuits. 

Have fun!


Mr Groom