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Week beginning 20.4.20

Our theme for the next few weeks is Mystery. Please find the whole weeks work below.



Begin by reading a mystery story over the next week or two for example:

The Famous Five, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Goosebumps, Secret Agent Mummy, I Was a Rat, The Thieves of Ostia, Secret Garden , Spy Dog…

If you don’t have access to a Mystery book, then read:

Writing grammar activities: direct speech and inverted commas revision

Have a go at writing what’s said using inverted commas
Correct the sentences by adding in the inverted commas.
Said is such a boring word. Improve these sentences using said synonyms.

Put into practise what you’ve learnt


Practical activities:


Repeat what someone has said adding who said it and how they said it. (I’m sure it won’t get irritating!)


Have a narrative between two or three toys. You could do this on your own or with someone. (You could even add in some additional parts to your narrative) i.e. you say: “Do you want to come to the picnic?” asked Teddy. “Well only if I can bring Ken with me,” Barbie replied. Ted rolled his eyes – he wasn’t fond of Ken’s sarcastic remarks. “Fine!” he huffed.

(Don’t forget to use voices in character)




In your house or out on a walk spot some arrays – what does each array show? I.e.





Carry out some data collection. This could be different types of birds spotted, colours of cars. What’s the best way to collect this data?



Present the data you collected yesterday in a bar chart or pictogram where the bar or picture is equal to more than 1. You will have to decide the best value. You can do this on paper or on Purple Mash using 2Graph.

What questions can be asked and answered about the data?



Daily counting on a chose sequence i.e. multiples of 8. (Try clapping a beat to keep to)


Hide and seek numbers. Hide numbers around the room or garden how quickly can you collect only the multiples of 4 in the correct order. Who’s the fastest in your house?


2 player + game: You will need 0-12 cards and answers card for your chosen times table.

Turn over 0-12 card. Race to find the matching answer card. (i.e. if you practising x4 and you turned over 11 you would need to race to find 44). The cards could be hidden or at the end of an obstacle course.



What do you know about Egypt? Where is it? Climate? Famous features? History?

Look it up on map and revise what we know about climate.





Pick a flower in bud. Put it  in water and watch it grow.



Branching data bases

Choose 5- 10 random items.

Ask a question with a yes/no answer.

Move the items down to the yes/no line.

Eventually each item will be in its own branch.



Who can do the most?

Family competition  - the most kick ups / bats of a ball / jumps of a trampoline / …