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Week beginning 30.03.20

Friday 3.4.20


Geography: type ‘France’ into Purple Mash and a host of activities will come up. Choose one to show what you have learnt about France from last week’s learning. You could write a postcard or a fact file for example. Alternatively continue with your France scrap book.

Thursday 2.4.20


Arts and craft: Eggs and rabbits are common symbols of Easter because they represent new life. Make a Happy Easter card for someone. Why not even write a lovely long message in it, take photos and email them to a local nursing home to cheer up the residents who can’t have visits at the moment.


Wednesday 1.4.20


RE: Watch this video to learn about why Christian’s celebrate Easter

The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. An animated clip narrating the Christian story of Easter. Subscribe for more Religious Studies clips from BBC Teach on Monday ...

Complete a comic strip to show the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. (If you wish to you can challenge yourself by completing the blank one with both pictures and words)

Tuesday 31.3.20


Remember that:

  • when we use words we say either how many minutes past the hour or how many minutes to the next hour. Always say minutes (to or past) first then hours.
  • when you use digital time you ALWAYS say how many hours and minutes there have been. Always say the hours first then the minutes.

For example: Twenty to seven means there are twenty minute until seven o’clock  

                         6:40 means there have been six hours and forty minutes.

These are both the same time.

Monday 30.3.20


Computing: I’ve set you 3 ‘To Do’s’. These games are a recap of programming that you have already done. Make sure you spend plenty of time on the last section ‘Make your own’. This section shows you are able apply what you have learnt as well as use the other tools.

Week 2 Home Learning (weekly overview)

Thank you for all your photos – do keep sending them as it’s nice for the children to see each other and get ideas from each other.


Well done if you found some frog spawn last week and started a life cycle explanation. My pond searches were unsuccessful unfortunately. If you have not found any you could still complete an explanation text with diagram.

You could complete the first sheet by cutting it up and sticking it back together in the correct order or you could complete one of the more difficult levels and write in the boxes in your own words or maybe even research it yourself.  

This week I’ll be setting adverb recap activities.


Maths: keep up with learning your times tables. This week’s daily learning will be all about time – hopefully you had a chance to recap time last week when you were looking at angles of hands.

The work for this week will mostly be a recap of telling time to the nearest 5 minutes with some extension of roman numerals.


PE: ensure there is time for physical activity every day. As well as going for a walk here is a list of useful websites. 

Cosmic Yoga on You Tube

Joe Wicks on You Tube