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Year 2's Home Learning Work

Henri Matisse Artwork

Children's Poems

Update on Lucy's Tadpoles

Lucy was out walking with her family when they came to a pond full of frogspawn. Using a bucket they scooped some of the frogspawn out and took it home. Lucy is now looking after them. They have developed into tadpoles and now slowing changing into froglets. Keep sending your photos Lucy as they continue to with their life cycle. 

Lucy has looked after her tadpoles so well that she now has tiny frogs. Take a look below.

Jar of Hopes

Todays home learning task was to create a Jar of Hopes. This is a lovely activity where the children create a jar and add notes inside of all the things they are looking forward to when lockdown eases. Having spoken to Kaitlin today, I asked her what she had put inside her jar already and she said 'Going back to school' and 'Eating a McDonalds'. I couldn't agree more with her and they are two things I would put in my Jar of Hope. Everytime she thinks of something she is looking forward to, she will write it on a note and pop it inside. Then when she can she can take out her notes and tick off all the lovely things she can now do. Click on the post attached to see her Jar of Hopes. 

If you create one, please send me a picture and what you have added inside. 

Kaitlin's Maths

Counting Cars

Millie went out on a long walk and made a tally of the different coloured cars we saw. She then added them all together herself and made a bar chart to show her results. I like that she made her bar chart count up in multiples of 5 because she had so much data to plot. 

Local Walk & Messy Maps

Mollie cycled the Broughton Loop on the Geography work set last week. She also made a fairy tree in Conway park woods and she wanted to share it with us. If you're passing through Conway Park, see if you can spot Mollie's fairy tree. 

Some of the children are working hard through our two week nonfiction unit Birds. Excellent effort so far. I hope your enjoying learning lots of new, interesting facts about Birds. Keep sending me your own to share with your friends. Take a look at Lucy's poster attached to this post. 

Millie's Fictional Settings

Millie has drawn and painted lots of different settings over the week. When I saw her illustrations, I thought off all the wonderful advernture stories that could be written using her paintings. My favourite is her Candy Land painting. If we were in school, we would be completing a unit in English called fantasy stories. In the story the main characters travel through space in their spaceship to a new planet called Chocolate Planet. Millie is now going to draw and paint what she thinks Chocolate Planet will look like. 

If you would like to also draw your own Chocolate planet, then feel free to send your pictures to me. You could have a chocolate milkshake stream, gold coins for flowers or a huge chocolate cake mountain. 

Horrid Henry English work

RE work from this week

STEM Activities

Ibrahim's helicopter video:

This is "VID_20200504_155533" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Casey's Tornado video.

This is "STEM - Tornado in a bottle" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Millie's Inflating Balloon video.

This is "STEM-2" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Instruction Writing

Capacity Puddles

It's been lovely to hear lots of you in school and at home enjoyed todays capacity puddles task. Take a look at the photos below. 

Yummy Beast Diary Entry

Take a look at Kaitlin's diary entry. It is full of Year 2 writing features and would get lots of double ticks. 

Lots of words with suffixes -ly -ful -ing -ed

Using different conjunctions to add more detail- 'and' 'but' 'that' 'when' 

Apostrophes for contractions are correct- I've I'm  

Your writers voice. 

Reading your work back and self corrected to improve it. 

Lots of great spelling where you have applied spelling rules and Y1/Y2 red words are spelt correctly- mother floor instead moving guzzling fainted always. 

Great handwriting- the letters are all the correct size and those that should be in the sky and underground are. Your joins are all neatly formed. 

Take a look below at other children's Tummy Beast Diary Entries.

Computing Making Music

This week for our home learning you have been completing the 2sequence tasks on Purple Mash. Ben is very lucky because after completing this work, he was able to have a go on some of his dad's sequencing software in the studio at home. He could see how bars and beats work and Dad showed him how to select, drag and drop audio loops. Three hours later, Ben has composed a 4 minute dance track! He also discovered a samba whistle (to the whole streets delight!) in the studio and thought it might be good to include on his song so he learnt how to use a microphone to record too. Take a look at Ben in the studio in the pictures below.

Letters to Little Red Riding Hood

Well done to those that have wrote a letter to warn Little Red Riding Hood about the wolf in Grandma's house. Great to see lots of you are remembering how to use apostrophes correctly for contractions and possession. 

Don't go into grandma's house. 

Don't is a contraction of do not. 

The house belongs to grandma so we would say and write Grandma's house. 


Remember you can always edit and improve your writing by checking spellings, add missing punctuation and improve word choices by changing simpler words to more powerful ones. Use word hippo to find more powerful words Also don't forget how to form your letters correctly, thinking about which letters should be in the sky, grass and underground. 

Lucy's Superworm Poem

Lucy wrote her own Superworm poem and decided to perform it with actions. Take a look at her poem using the link below. 


This is "Video" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Home Learning Porcupine Poster

I hope you enjoyed listening to Roald Dalh's Porcupine poem. It's funny isn't it. Hopefully you learned about a new animal and below is some of your work to warn others about porcupines. 

Huey's plant walk

Huey was out with his family walking and looking for plants and trees in his local area. Whilst out on his walk, he spotted a wooden owl sculpture that reminded him of our trip to Beacon Fell. Take a look at the attached photo. 

Ibrahim's plants

Ibrahim has planted onions and potatoes a few days ago. The onion is growing and we can see small shoots from the potatoes. He is making sure to give them everything they need to grow healthily. Take a look at his plants growing below. 

Poem Home Learning Task

Well done Kaitlin for continuing to work hard at home. Take a look at her Superworm Poem and Maths work below. Millie enjoyed writing her Superworm Poem so much that she decided to write some more poems about the other Julia Donaldson characters. 

Animal Life Cycles

Well done to all the children who completed the science project this week. The activity was to learn and recognise that animals, including humans, have offspring that grow into adults. Once you have made your life cycle, I would like you to discuss the things your animal/offspring need to make sure the cycle works and your animal and its offspring survive. 

Casey's Car in Motion

This is "IMG_9708" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mason had a creative day yesterday and made crystal trees. They took 6 hours to fully form.

Vehicles DT Project

It has been great looking at your designs on Purple Mash and you have all come up with lots of different ideas for your vehicles. I have left a comment if you saved your design. Take a look below at your friends vehicles. 

Our Homemade Clocks

Today the children have been working hard at home to make their own analogue clocks. You'll be able to use them for your time work this week. Take a look below.

Well done Ibrahim! I really enjoyed reading your Madagascar presentation. 

The kids on a 'Conference Call'

I've been informed that some of the children have been having a 'conference call' today to catch up with each other. It's lovely to see some of you together and I hope you continue to keep in touch. 

Alfie's Vehicle Design

Alfie has been busy designing his vehicle. We're really looking forward to seeing your final product. 

Ben's Madagascar Presentation

Ben has clearly been working hard with his Madagascar presentation. He has added traditional Madagascan music and also speaks the two main languages at the end. Take and look and listen.


This is "Madagascar" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Isabelle's Cake

Isabelle has been helping to bake a birthday cake for her Dad's birthday tomorrow. A photo is attached. I think you'll all agree, it looks delicious! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


Hunting for Nouns

Millie has been busy with her English work this morning. She found lots of nouns around her house and garden and used her phonics to spell these correctly. You will need this work for tomorrows learning. 

Lydia's Madagascar Poster

Well done Lydia. Looks like you've worked hard researching and finding out all about Madagascar. 
A fantastic poster Huey using Purple Mash! I hope you've continued to learn lots about Madagascar. 
Well done Charlotte. I really enjoyed reading your Madagascar presentation. It was full of facts and presented clearly for the reader to read. 
A fantastic presentation Isabelle, full of facts about Madagascar. Well done!
A super presentation Vienna! Lots of facts and easy for the reader to read and learn information about Madagascar. Well done!
Faye has made another fantastic presentation about Madagascar. Well done Faye!
I really enjoyed reading your Madagascar presention Arthur and learned lots of new things. Well done!

Huey's lego dragon

Huey has been enjoying some creative time with his lego. Take a look at the dragon he's made. 
Great work Lucy! Another fantastic piece of topic work
Well done Lucy on your presentation about Madagascar. I hope you enjoyed your topic work. 

Millie's Rainbow

Millie wants to brighten everyones day with her Rainbow. Lovely thought Millie and it has certainly brightened my day. 

Casey has been working hard at home to learn all about Madagascar. Please take the time to learn about Madagascar from Casey's presentation. Well done Casey, I really enjoyed reading your work. 

Lucy's Cha Cha Slide Maths

Lucy has been learning about position and direction using the cha cha slide home learning task. We know you love dancing Lucy and always enjoy showing us your routines. Keep it up :D 


This is "Video" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Kaitlin has been working hard at home and continued to enjoy her Geography topic. Take a look at her presentation in the top right corner of this post. 

Looking at each other's work will be a lovely way to stay connected as a class. Feel free to send me any work or videos- even if it's a different activity not set as home learning. 

Take care 

Miss Rigby