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Year 3

Year 3


Our teacher is Mrs Vaughan-Dyke (covered by Miss Dewhurst) and we are helped by Mrs Cannon and Miss Mansfield. Miss Mansfield teaches us on a Friday afternoon and we are helped by Miss Sumner.




Our PE lessons will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure that if your child wears earrings they are removed prior to our PE lessons.




In Year 3 your child will have the opportunity to change their reading books every day. Any book that needs changing must be accompanied by your child's signed reading record. The amount of books your child reads correlate to our Bronze, Silver and Gold reading awards, which are presented in our weekly Star Assembly. Your child may read books from outside of school and count these towards their reading award.




Homework is set on Mondays and must be submitted by Friday after school. Children will also receive weekly spellings set on Mondays ready for their test on Friday. Please find this week's homework and spellings under the Homework and Spellings tab on our class page.




Children can bring in a healthy snack to eat at playtime. Fruit, vegetables or cheese is perfect. Children should not bring crisps or chocolate for their snack. 



Miss Dewhurst and Mrs Cannon are available at the classroom door during drop off and pick up times from Monday-Friday morning. Otherwise please email 


Happy Christmas!


Hope you all have a lovely break and a lovely Christmas day.

Thank you for cards and gifts that have been sent in - they are very much appreciated. 


Take care and see you in the new year! 

Mrs Vaughan-Dyke 

Thank you see you soon.


Thank you so much to those of you who have taken the time to generously send in gifts and cards - it's very much appreciated. It's such a shame we've not been able to finish the year together but the time we spent together I've enjoyed very much. Hope you all have a lovely summer and I'll see you in September when you're in Year 4. 


Take care

Mrs Vaughan-Dyke 

Home Learning WB 13.7.20               Last week before the Summer holidays 


Please continue with a similar set up that has been in place for the last few weeks



Find the document below and follow the instructions. 

Fun in the Forest! Spend a week exploring stories and films set in different forests. You have stories to read, characters to meet, poems to write, facts to find and songs to sing!



Monday - Tuesday:

Go to Week 12. Lesson 1 and 2. Follow the videos and complete the attached sheets for capacity.



Go to Week 10. Lesson 4. Follow the video and complete the attached sheet for time.



Complete the Friday Challenge from Week 12 and Week 10



I've picked 6 activities from the Wildlife Trust. If you like these there are plenty more ideas to keep you busy over the holidays. 

As an extension to the 'Study a Mini-Beast' why not get a container and split it into 4 compartments. Each area should be different. Predict which habitat your creature will prefer, make observation and notes. You could put  data you collect into a chart. 


Home Learning Week Beginning 6.7.20


Good morning! Hopefully you can navigate you way around this change of layout and hopefully I'll work out a more user friendly way.


Below you will find:


The Maths website (Go to week 11 - Mass) and the Power Points and sheets are below that.


The English document on the theme of Shoes 


The Topic documents also on the theme of shoes. You might not use all the documents but use the Power Points to guide you through what to do. I've broken the topic down into days:


The outcome will be to make a pair of slippers.

Day 1 -2 : Research and design. 

Day 3-4 : Plan and make. 

Day 5: Evaluate. 

English WB 6.7.20

Home Learning Week 27.6.20

(Please email me if you require the sheets for Monday-Tuesday) 


Good morning! Hope you are all well. Here’s this week’s Home Learning:



This week is all about the character, Flat Stanley. He is a boy who becomes flat after a bulletin board falls on him in the night! Explore the story by reading and viewing the online versions together, and complete some short writing opportunities in response to the text each day.

Click on the document below or all the information



This week we are moving to the next section of fractions. Refer to this document again to see where children could be by the end of the fraction unit.



Step 1: Go to Summer Term Week 2 and watch the video for Day 1 Add fractions

Step 2: Go through the Power Point with answers

Step 3: Pick ONE page to complete (They are in level order so pick which level is most challenging to you). Check your answers on the last page – you should get one or two wrong otherwise you might have picked a level that’s too easy.

Step 4: Pick ONE page to complete (They are in level order so pick which level is most challenging to you.) Check your answers on the last page – you should get one or two wrong otherwise you might have picked a level that’s too easy.



Step 1: Go to Summer Term Week 2 and watch the video for Day 2 Subtract fractions

Step 2: Go through the Power Point with answers

Step 3: Pick ONE page to complete. Check your answers on the last page

Step 4: Pick ONE page to complete. Check your answers on the last page.



Step 1: Go to Summer Term Week 2 and watch the video for Day 3 Problem Solving

Step 2: Complete the sheet attached to the website 



Step 1: Go to Summer Term Week 3 and watch the video for Day 4 Problem solving

Step 2: Complete the sheet attached to the website 



Fraction Break: Complete the Friday Challenge activities on Summer Term Week 1 Day 5


 Topic: DT

This week I thought - since it’s looking rainy – you could have a go at designing a board game. I expect you’ve probably played a few recently so let’s have a go at making your own. 

Day 1: decide on a theme and type of game

You could base it on a favourite book or film or just something you enjoy: cars, unicorns…

What will the board be like? Checks likes snakes and ladders, a continuous loop like Monopoly, a start to finish line like Game of Life? Do a quick sketch

How will the game be won: first player to collect something, first player to get to the end…?


Day 2: decide what will happen

Board games usually involves a dice and the characters move.  Once on the ‘square’ the player has to do something – what will this be (you can have a few different ideas) for example:

  • Move to a different square (like snakes and ladders)
  • Take / answer a question – you could revise mental maths and multiplications by having maths questions
  • Take a chance: a forfeit (you lose something or have to give something away) OR something that is good for the player
  • Collect something

Add these notes to your sketch


Day 3: Make the game

You will have to make the board but might also want to make players, question cards, chance cards, items to collect.

(You don’t need to make all these i.e. you could use counters for the players and use coins as items to collect – if your game needs it)


Day 4: write instructions

We have completed instructions before and revised them last week. Here are the features just in case you’ve forgotten.


Day 5: play the game

When you play the game someone else should read the instructions to check you have written them well. After the game you could take some feedback and make adjustments to the game.



Pitch your game to the Dragons Den

Literacy document for week 27.6.20

Science - Forces Spring 2

This Spring 2 Year 3’s topic is Forces – in particular Magnetism. We began the topic outside as part of our termly Forest School day.

Geography & ICT - Europe,internet searching and touch type.

In Geography this term our topic has been Europe. We have looked at maps, atlases, globes and digital maps to find and locate places. We then focused on one country and created an information text about it. We used our newly learnt IT skills to type quickly as well and using safe and reliable searches to ensure our research was accurate. We ended the topic by presenting to the rest of the class.

Science and DT- Light and shadow

Light and shadows has been our topic this half term. We began by making some shadow art using items from nature. Throughout the topic we investigated light and shadows to find: the best reflective material for making a safety jacket or trainer, the best material for making sunglasses to keep our eyes safe, as well as creating our own shadow investigation. We linked our science topic to DT and made shadow puppets. Linking this to our English topic on play scripts and putting on a performance of A Christmas Carol. 

English in Autumn 2

In English this half term we have focused on play scripts. Here we are rehearsing the play ‘Tune of Lies’. We moved on to writing our own play after reading the blur for ‘The Fib’ by George Layton. After this we read a play version of A Christmas Carol and acted it out. In DT we made shadow puppets of the character and using our science knowledge of light and shadows we will put on a shadow puppet play of A Christmas Carol.

While we were making our puppets we kept a list of equipment and the steps needed to make one so we could link making them to our other unit this term - instructional writing.

Maths in Autumn 2

This half term we have built on from our work with place value and using equipment such as dines to aid us with written methods for addition and subtraction. We were then able to move towards showing our working out using column method. We have also looked at formal written methods for multiplication and division using arrays to help us understand the grid methods for multiplication and subtracting on a number line for division. 

We have learnt to tell the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock.

Building 3D models to help us understand the properties of polyhedron was one of our most popular topics. Look how we have our 3D skeleton models into Christmas tree decorations and our cubes into gift boxes. 

Maths this Autumn

This Autumn term in Maths we have looked at place value and have used dines, place value counters and other representations of numbers. This has led to us being able to add and subtract using the same equipment. We have also measured lengths and perimeters

Science - Rocks and Soil

In our rocks and soil topic we started with a rock hunt around the school. We carried out test to find out more about properties of rocks and soils. In one lesson used chocolates to help use understand how different rocks get their different properties. 

History - Stone Age

We started our Stone Age topic with an archaeological dig to understand how information about the past is found, as well as beginning to understand the different time periods within the Stone Age. We ended our topic with a Stone Age Day - painting cave art, looking at the fossils we made in science, making fires, making bow and arrows and inviting our parents and relatives to view a gallery of our learning.

Homework for half term

Spellings- copy 3 times each and learn.

Learn assembly song and lines

Maths column addition and subtraction

Science Magnet game- design and make project.

Stone Age Day- Prepare a costume for our special day.

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely holiday!


Mrs Garner


Year 3 Parents

Here are few dates for calendars next half term:

Tuesday 30th October:  Hindu Temple visit- Please send in a car seat if your child requires one and has been told they are travelling by car rather than minibus. Letters have been sent out

Wednesday 7th November: Y3 Class assembly 9.00-9.30am. All welcome to attend as normal in the school hall.

Friday 9th November: Y3 Stone Age Day-Please try and send your child in period dress. The child will be able to enjoy lots of activities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Stone Age to Iron age period on this day. If you are struggling I have a few costumes the children may borrow (for a small donation towards school fund) please see me before Friday 2nd of November. These will be lent out on a ‘first come first served basis’