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Year 6

Hi everyone, if you have been at home this week because you're waiting for test results for you or a family member, or you've been feeling iffy, have a go at these English activities based on what we've been learning this week.


Go through the PowerPoint and each day starts with a L.O. slide: Day 1 is the short write; day 2 is the speech conveying character sheet; day 3 is the emotion graph using the quotes from the text on the sheet; day 4 is playing the game on the slides to make silly complex and compound sentences; and day 5 is to rewrite the short write from day 1, but improved with better complex sentences and more imagery based on what you've learnt through the previous days. 


Any questions, please email me.  

If you have been at home this week either because you're waiting for test results for yourself or a member of your family, or if you've not been feeling great, have a go at these Maths activities which we have looked at in school. 


I haven't included PowerPoint presentations etc. because I think these should be quite straightforward. Let me know via email if you have any issues. 

Hi everyone - you'll see above, the homework for this week. I hope you enjoy the Nandos menu style of homework that we do in Year 6! More information is also on the newsletter. 


Please read the information at the top of the sheet so that you know what to do. To submit this back to me at school, please don't bring hard copies in but either email electronic documents (i.e. ms word documents), scan in work completed, or you could take a photograph of your work and email that to me. 


My email address is 


Thank you - enjoy! 

Spellings W/B 7.9.2020


To access each week's spellings, please click on the link below. The week beginning 7th Sept will be 'Week 1'. 

Please find the newsletter for parents/carers for this half term.

Year 5 and 6 Dance

Hi everyone,

Miss Sumner has created a short dance video for the children in each class to learn. (below)


This is "y5and6" by V on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Practise the dance at home. If you can, film yourself performing the dance and email the video to your teacher.

Mr Cooper will then put the video clips together to create a school dance video.

If we all learn the dance, we can perform a whole school dance performance when we are all back to school in September (hopefully).

Have fun!

Mr Groom


Good morning boys and girls, 

If you are reading this, it may be that you are not coming back into school now and are wondering if work will still be posted on here. Well, the answer is that I will post some work based on what we are doing in class but, as Mrs. Gregory has said, it will not be the full home learning that you're used to. 

This may include some of the worksheets used in Maths and English and then, for your other activities, I will post a great sheet with 25 non-screen activities that you can work your way through - I will post one of these every other week so you have time to try a few of them.


This week's links are below...

Depending on what our topic work consists of, I may post some topic-based activities - again, based on what we are doing in school. 

As we are going to be doing in class, I would suggest that you use this time to prepare for secondary school. Look up what you might be learning and see what you already know. Our sessions will be based around recapping key aspects of the curriculum ready for next year. 

I will be sending out more information and arrangements to enable you to pick up your leavers' hoodies as soon as possible too! 

Have a good week - we've been missing you! 

Mr. Baines

This week in English we are beginning looking at a new text. 

Monday: Write a story starter involving the characters you think are involved from the picture clues attached. Edit and improve this so that it builds up tension and makes the reader want to read on.

Tuesday: Read The Highwayman poem and see how your characters compare with the ones in the poem. Annotate the poem (link above) in detail, thinking about rhyming, rhythm, metaphor, simile, personification etc. What do you notice about the beginning of the poem and the end of the poem? 

Wednesday: Think about what we know about the Highwayman from the different characters' perspectives. Make sure you distinguish between fact and opinion. What do we know for sure? Choose two characters and write a description of the highwayman from their personal perspectives based on the poem. Try to really get into character when you're doing this. 

Thursday: Go through the poem and highlight all the times colour is referenced. Write a note for each time you highlight a colour - what effect on the reader does the use of that colour (and the way that colour is described) have? 

Friday: 10 minute write - get into the character  of one of the soldiers. Write down what is going through their heads on that fateful night. This should sound like a monologue as if the soldier is sspeaking to himself and not just a random collection of thoughts. 

Here are four maths activities based on recapping 'Measures' - have a go, one per day. 

Home Learning Grid W/B 15.6.2020

Good morning and welcome to another week of learning at home! 

Click on the PDF link above for this week's grid. 

I hope you're all enjoying these activities set - get stuck into them this week, they're set intentionally to help you prepare for high school! 

We have a good week of tasks here, with week 2 of our Climate Change English topic and a new topic in R.E. on Thursday. 

Have a good week and hopefully see you soon! 

Stay safe, 

Mr. Baines

Good morning everyone! 

Here is the Home Learning Grid for this week. Feels like a long time since we've all been in class together! I hope you're enjoying the different activities being set and you're finding they're challenging you to keep those brain cells active. 

The topic sessions this week are all based around a topic which, relevantly, we would be studying in Year 6 at this time of year anyway: Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, 'I Have A Dream'. This is an emotive topic and one which I think it is vital we learn about so I am giving us lots of opportunity to think about it this week. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know via email. 

Have a lovely week and get stuck into these learning opportunities - remember, if you're working hard on these, it will help to set you up really well for High School. They're not just activities, but important recap and learning opportunities for you, based on our Year 6 Curriculum. 

Stay safe and keep on being Harris Standard as I know you will! 

Mr. Baines

Fred Hunter - French News

Still image for this video

Hi everyone! Click on the link to check out Fred's French news! 

What a great news report and lots of fun to listen to as well as containing lots of information. 

Great work Fred! 

Mr. Baines

Don't look at page two until you've completed it yourself and want to check your answers. Page two contains only suggestions! They may not be the only correct answer. 

Hello everyone! 

I hope you had a good rest week and have enjoyed the sunshine! 

Here is the document with this week's activities on - keep on working hard! Remember, this is your chance to take the initiative, work through this time and go to secondary school with the head start! Keep those brain cogs turning. 

Enjoy this week's learning opportunities and have a go at some of the bonus ones too - my personal favourite would be having a go at making ice cream! Let me know how you get on. 

Have a lovely week and stay safe. 

Mr. Baines

Here is your Maths for today. Answers on the last page! 
Hi, sorry this is late - I read the wrong day! Here is the maths!

Good morning everyone and welcome to another week! 

Lots of exciting and interesting activities for you to work through this week. Don't forget to send me pictures of things you are particularly proud of and make sure you have a go at the bonus activities in the yellow boxes too! 

I will upload the necessary documents for each day as it comes. 

Have a great week! 

Stay safe and stay Harris Standard! 

Mr. Baines.

End of Silly SATs, 2020

Well done everyone for the hard work and perseverance you have shown this year and throughout your journey at Harris Primary School to prepare yourselves for the next step! Yes, that hard work would have definitely paid off in SATs week, had that happened, but as it stands your work is NOT wasted! You have grown, matured and flourished this year and are ready for the exciting adventure that is secondary school. 

Well done for working hard throughout Silly SATs week - I've heard how some of you have got on. It's a sunny day (not very warm yet, but sunny!) so make sure you get a waterfight in with someone at home and have an end of SATs party with the other people in your household. Get some music going, make a banner, decorate and put something at the front of your house so that everyone on your street can see that you've worked exceptionally hard up to this point and deserve a celebration! 

Have a lovely weekend and I've got more exciting things for you to have a go at next week. 

Mr. Baines

Have a go at this Silly SATs Reading paper - enjoy!! Read the questions carefully..........

I have had a really good go at this GPS SATs paper... I think I may have made some mistakes though... please can you check it for me? 


I hope you have been enjoying SILLY SATS WEEK so far!! :) 

This is for you to write your answers on - make sure someone else reads the script below and don't look at the script until you're marking your work! 
Ask someone else at home to read this to you (don't look beforehand!!). See how well you do! 
Do you dare to venture inside? I hope you enjoy this!

Work through this on Monday. The questions are usual arithmetic questions but read the instructions carefully. 

(This is the only Silly SATs paper this week with some tricky questions in!!)

Hello everyone and welcome to what would have been Year 6 SATs week! 

Well done for all your excellent work this year so far, much of which was building and preparing for this week. You have shown Harris Standard in your commitment, perseverance, leadership and endeavour and this will NOT go to waste. You are prepared and ready to go and fly in secondary school and I'm sure you will all do excellently there. 

To mark this week as SATs week, some of the activities will look a little different - I have a 'Silly SATs' week for us to work through which involves SATs papers with a twist! Enjoy these: I think they're great fun! 

On Friday, we're going to have the famous water fight and after SATs party too! 

There are other activities throughout the week so complete these as per usual. 

Have a good week and remember: You have worked hard this year and deserve every success! 

Stay safe and stay Harris Standard. 

Mr. Baines

See how many you can get through! 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is now being read chapter by chapter (for free) online at

Daniel Radcliffe is reading the first chapter. 

I will certainly be listening!

Have fun!

Mr Groom

Hey everyone! 

I hope you have had either a lovely week off, or you have been enjoying getting stuck into some of the other learning resources out there last week. 

Here is the grid menu with the activities on for this week. There is another English week planned out by Lancashire which is excellent so enjoy that (link above this)!

A tricky Maths challenge for you on Tuesday should keep your brain cells smoking for a while! Enjoy that one. 

Don't forget to check out the bonus activities on the right of the grid (in yellow) and I have written a very tense story starter which is at the bottom of the grid as a bonus writing opportunity if you would like to have a go. I think many of you will be able to turn it into a very exciting story! 

I'm hoping today's Science will be an interesting one - please make sure you research carefully and fact-check as well as writing in your own words. 

Any relevant documents will be posted on the morning they are needed. 

Many of the activities don't require a computer so please, if that's the case, spend some time away from the screen - non-screen activities are intentional and are designed to give you time away and for those who are sharing a computer you can do these when you don't have computer access. Remember - the real world is much more interesting and engaging to look at than one on a screen!

Friday is VE Day and is therefore Bank Holiday so there are no activities planned in for then. Don't worry, we will finish off the Maths and English on Monday of next week. 

Have a wonderful week and keep on keeping on! 

Stay safe and stay Harris Standard...

Mr. Baines

Week Beginning 27.4.2020

Good morning, 

As we enter our sixth week in lockdown, I hope you are all well and have been enjoying following the activities set for you. Have you been trying the bonus ones? 

This week is a week of leave for me - doesn't it come around fast! Therefore there will not be any work set. This is an opportunity for you to have week 2 of your Easter holidays too, rest, recuperate, enjoy the sunshine in whatever way you can. 

If you had two weeks off over Easter you may be a week behind on the activities here so it's your chance to catch up with them. 

If you would like work to do anyway, there are lots of onlinee resources to have a look at. The BBC have released a number if exciting and interactive lessons for children of different ages so go and check those out. You can still go on TTRS, IXL and Spelling City as well as reading lots! 

Have a lovely week and I will see you next week for some more exciting learning opportunities.

Stay safe and stay Harris Standard,


Mr Baines

See here for the Maths questions for today and tomorrow. 


This week's activities are below. The attached document is for those who finished the reasoning on Friday and would like the extra Maths to work through. 

Answers in the back. 

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! 

I hope you're all well and enjoying getting stuck into the actvities I've been setting. I have enjoyed seeing some examples of completed work which people have emailed over - please keep emailing to show me any pieces of work you are particularly proud of. 

The attached document is the activity grid for this week. As before, I will upload specific documents each morning as necessary. 

Keep working hard and try, wherever possible, to complete activities away from the computer once you've read what you need to do. Naturally some activities require the computer but for those that don't, turn off the screen! 

Have a good week! Stay safe and stay Harris Standard. 

Mr. Baines

Here are the Maths questions for today and Monday. Do the first 15 today and the rest on Monday. If you'd rather do them all today, you can do - I will set up an additional extension activity of arithmetic questions for those who need it on Monday. 

For this week's activities read below. 
For this week's activities, read below

Good morning everyone!

How was your Easter Weekend? I hope you enjoyed a restful time and spent some time in the sunshine - as much as you could! 


Click on the link above for this week's activities - as with last week, I will also write to you each morning with any additional sheets to make it easier for you to find everything, but the activities will be on the grid attached. Please complete the tasks in the order set and don't forget to check the bonus activities on the right hand side of the page for other ideas! 

In our English this week, we are beginning to work through  some resources created by Lancashire's English consultants. They are excellent activities and follow on from each other so that you complete a 'unit' each week based on a particular topic.

Click on the separate link above to access these then have a go at these as per my weekly document, working through one day at a time and make sure you read through the day's activities really carefully. 

We will be completing Day 5 of the English next Monday as this is a 4 day week so don't worry, you won't miss it! 

Your R.E. for today is linked above too. 


Have a good week and enjoy these activities! 

Stay safe and stay Harris Standard. 

Mr. Baines

Good morning everyone. 

Today is Good Friday and the beginning of the Easter Weekend. I have some Easter based bonus activities planned in for next week so keep your eyes open for that!

If you were not planning on doing any school work today or Monday, please ignore these posts. However, I'm aware that some people will be wanting something - even just something to pass the time. 

So here you go. 

First, a joke...

There are three kinds of people in this world... Those who can count and those who can't. 

English (everyone can do this):

Make yourself a reading zone with lots of cushions and your duvet - can you make it into a den this week (it needs a roof surely!)? Make sure you're cosy and read your book for at least half an hour. Enjoy it! 

Let me know what book you're reading and if it's a good one. 


Complete the rest of the reasoning questions from yesterday. Check your answers and mark yout work. If you got any wrong, go back and try to work out where you went wrong and fix them. 

Bonus arithmetic - if you've done all that and still want to do some more, have a go at the additional Arithmetic sheet attached above. The answers are in the back so you can mark your own. 

Topic - French: 

Head on over to the link below and have a go at Hangman, practising the vocabulary from our 'School' unit earlier this year.  


Have a restful Good Friday and a lovely Easter Weekend - stay home and stay safe. Stay Harris Standard! 

Mr. Baines

Good morning Year 6! 

A quick joke for you to start off the day... 


- Which kind of dinosaur knows the most words?


 A Thesaurus! 


I know... sorry! They'll get better... Let's have a look at the activities for today. 


Head on over to and read through the Positive News Stories instructions. Make sure you read them carefully and read all the way through - it's not a long read, but will be very helpful. 

Donwload and print out the template so that you can write on it and make sure you scroll donw to the 'Top Tips' section for more advice! Please write this by hand rather than electronically and concentrate on handwriting as well as the content.

I'd love to see what you write about! 


Complete the first 15 questions on the additional reasoning sheet (click on the link at the top of this post) about converting units of measure, time and calendar. You can either print these out and do it on the sheet or have the questions up on your screen and then do the working out and answers in your book. Please don't work these out on a computer - you can't do the working out properly.

Do these without a computer, without a calculator and try to work through them independently. If you get stuck, move on and then come back to it with help once you've done. 

When you have finished, check the answers in the back and fix any that you didn't get right. The rest of these questions are for tomorrow's work, but if you finish all of them, I have an extension for tomorrow too.

Topic - Computing:

Create a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel (or equivalent) which will calculate how much it would cost you to host a party and buy the food/drink for the whole class. Think about how much each tiem will cost and how many of each item will be needed to feed everyone. 

Think carefully about your formulas, like we did in class. Remember that you need an = at the beginning of a formula in Excel so that the programme knows you want it to calculate and * means multiply. See this example I've started below: 



Enjoy! Don't forget to check the grid for more exciting and interesing activity ideas in the bonus section on the right hand side! 

Stay safe everyone - see you soon! 

Mr. Baines

Home-School Work Wednesday 8.4.2020

Good morning Year 6! 

I hope you have been working hard and helping out around the house too! Have you helped cook at least one meal? 

A quick joke for you to start off the day... 


- What do you call a number that won't stay in one place?

  A Roamin' Numeral! 


Anyway! Let's have a look at the activities for today. 


Log onto IXL and complete units E.2 to E.5 in the adjectives and adverbs section. If you've done that, why not complete the rest of the section? Take your time and focus on accuracy and learning rather than flying through to get it done. 


Have a go at the reasoning questions of the day; figure 1 on this week's grid sheet (the one I posted at the start of the week - the questions are on the third page). Once you've done, check the answer underneath it. 

If you finish that and would like some more Maths to have a go at, challenge someone in your house to a Sudoku race and see who can complete it first! You can get an app for these or go to and you can download and print them there. There are instructions at the top of the sheet if you're not sure how to do Sudokus.

If you've never done them before, try the easy ones first and then move onto the medium ones. If you want a challenge... why not try some of the hard ones?!

Topic - D&T:

Are you ready for this one..? It will take some thinking, some time and some careful work...

Make a marble run. Have a look at some examples on YouTube or Google if you're not sure what one is. How long can you keep the marble going continuously without it touching the floor? How complex can you make it? Take a video of it and send it to me! 

It doesn't have to be a marble if you don't have one. Any small ball will do (i.e. a golf ball or a ping-pong ball or even a bouncy ball). 


Enjoy! Don't forget to chack the grid for more exciting and interesing activity ideas in the bonus section on the right hand side! 

Stay safe everyone - see you soon! 

Mr. Baines

Home-School Work Tuesday 7.4.2020

Good morning all!

Get yourself a good breakfast and have a look at today's activities. 

As per the weekly document, today's learning opportunities are...


Write a diary entry of a day in the life of your favourite book or film character. Make it exciting and think about what a day in their life would look like! Think carefully about your vocabulary and punctuation - try to use a range of interesting Y6 vocabulary and see if you can include a semi-colon, dashes for parentheses and speech punctuation accurately. 

Take your time over writing so that you don't miss words - re-read your work to double check that it makes sense. 

Think about how diary entries are normally worded (are they formal or informal? Impersonal or peronal?) 

This should be about one A4 page of writing. 


Go on and have a go at the Estimating Angles game. Look at what your target angle is, clikc on the cirlce to begin and then click the circle again when you want it to stop as close to the target angle as possible. How close can you get? Try to master level 4! 


The Industrial Revolution - find out how Preston was involved in the Industrial Revolution. What factories and places of work, which were built then, are still there today? Make an informative poster of all the things you find out. Try to fill the page with interesting information and facts that you have researched. Remember, when researching facts, don't just copy word for word from the internet! Put it in your own words and fact-check so that you have reliable information. 

Don't forget to check this week's activity grid for bonus activities too and other ideas for keeping busy this week. 

Mr. Baines

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a good week last week and you read the information from Mrs. Gregory regarding staffing and leave and why there was no work set for you. I hope that you all enjoyed a nice rest week or used the opportunity to revisit and extend on previous work. 

Here is the work for this week (W/B 6th April 2020) and all the activities for the week are included in the table on the PDF document attached. I have set out more clearly this week the activities for Monday, those for Tuesday and so on. Please complete them in the order set. 

Have a look at the additional bonus activity ideas in the right hand column too...

I will post each morning with a reminder of the day's activities and any additional sheets required for that day will be posted that morning (for example, the Maths sheet for Thursday will be availble on the website on Thursday morning).

Also, keep the emails of success stories coming in! I enjoy seeing what you've been up to. I can't put everything up on the website, but I will put some things on there so your friends can see the work you've been doing. 

I'm sure you're all staying safe and staying at home! Keep going and keep being Harris Standard. 

Mr. Baines

Year 6 Home-Schooling!

It has been great to see some of the work people have been getting up to at home this week. 

Keep the pictures and pieces of work coming.

Below, we have: Rhianna's Science poster and artwork; Mac's artwork and blackout poem, Yyashvee's artwork, Industrial Revolution leaflet and Science poster; Charlie D-P's Maths work; and Charlie S building a lego pokemon 3D character after having completed his work.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Home-School Work Friday 27.3.2020

Happy Friday everyone! Well done for working hard this week! Keep going.

Your tasks for today are...


Make yourself a reading zone with lots of cushions and your duvet/blankets. Make sure you're cosy and read your book for at least half an hour. Enjoy it!


Spend at least half an hour on Times Table Rock Stars. Challenge Mr. Baines if you dare! 

Topic (French):

Head on over to and watch The Tortoise and The Hare as well as Anansi and Turtle in French. See if you can spot some of the key words and then note them down; make sure you write what 'turtle' is in French. 

Enjoy and keep up the hard work! 

Home-School Work Thursday 26.3.2020

Good morning! I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine in whatever way possible and trying out new things that you wouldn't normally be doing at home. 

Some suggestions of interesting activities:

1) PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube every morning at 9am live - I've done this and let's just say my legs are feeling it! 

2) Learn to cook a meal - make sure you have supervision to keep you safe. 

3) David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days - why not have a listen to one.

4) Learn to play a new boardgame that you haven't played before - being unable to get out and about, this would need to be one you already own or a new one you have designed. 

I have had some great examples of work sent to me which I will compile and put up here today - have a look at what your friends have been up to! 

In the meantime, our three tasks today are...


Use the Week 1 spelling list on Spelling City. Complete two different games and then write a silly sentence including all the spellings. Ask someone to check you have spelt them all correctly in your sentence: any you get wrong, write out three times.


Challenge time! Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your living room and kitchen. Can you work out the perimeter of each room individually? Next, calculate the area of both rooms combined. If you don't have a tape measure, use 'steps' to replace metres. When you're writing up your calculations, you can replace 'steps' with 'm' for metres. 

Topic (PSHE/RE):

It has recently been the Hindu festival of Holi. Can you find out about three traditions or important practices for Hindu people during the festival of Holi? Tell someone about them. If you have access to a computer, create a PowerPoint about the festival of Holi. 

Enjoy! And stay safe. 

Good morning!

A quick reminder that, if you normally do IDL in the morning at school, you should be completing that every day at home too. This is such as important programme and you need to keep it up. 

Check out the pictures below to see some of the work people have been getting up to this week so far! 

Your tasks for today are as follows...


Log onto and complete unit E.1 in the adjectives and adverbs section. Have a go at some other units if you finish this in good time. Try to complete the Adjectives and Adverbs section. 


Have a go at the reasoning questions of the day attached. Only check your answer when you've tried and think you have a good answer! 

Topic (Geography):

I think this is a fascinating one - do some research about Preston and find out where the name 'Preston' came from. What was Preston's biggest export in the past (what was the main product made and sold from Preston)? Make a Fact-File with what you find. 


Home-School Work Tuesday 24.3.2020

Good morning Year 6! 

I hope you all enjoyed working from home yesterday! I have already had some people telling me they've been getting on well! 

I posted the work on a grid for the whole week but I appreciate that the whole week all at once could be a lot to take in and work through so I will also upload a daily break-down with three activities: an English task, a Maths task and a topic task. I hope this will make it as easy as possible to complete the work provided. 

Each week, I will leave the weekly overview grid on the website as this also includes game suggestions and ways you can help around the house whilst you're at home. 

Below are the three tasks for today (Tuesday). 


Read back through the short story you wrote yesterday (if you didn't do this yesterday, take a look at the picture below and have a go at writing one). Edit and improve your story, thinking about vocabulary, punctuation, atmosphere, speech and sentence structure. I would love to have a read through your finished piece so send it over to me if you want! 




Go on and have a go at the matching fractions game. Turn over pairs of cards and see if you can find all the matching pairs. Once you have completed level 1, scroll down and try at least two more levels. Can you complete level 5?!

Topic (Science):

Last week in Science we chose an insect which has specific adaptations to avoid predators (e.g. stick insect or dead leaf moth etc.). Make a poster or report about your chosen insect including general facts and all about how it has adapted to avoid becoming lunch!

(If you already completed the topic task, you can look on the weekly grid and choose a different one for today). 

Have a good day and keep up the good work! 

Mr. Baines

Good morning everyone! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are all ready for the first week of having school at home.

Click on the document above and you will find some work to keep you going at home: during the normal school day, I have prepared a Maths and an English activity per day (as noted on the document) and then there are a choice of topic-based activities which I envisage equates to one per day also (but you can choose which you do on which day). 

The colours on the menu are not indicative of difficulty as they were for homework - I just wanted to keep things colourful for you. 

When you would normally be at school, I would advise not going on game consoles, mobile phones etc. If you complete the work set, spend some time with family, play a game, help in the house or set yourself a challenge. It would also help you a lot to spend some time every day on Times Tables Rock Stars and try to spend at least half an hour each day reading a good Year 6 novel. 

Keep on checking back here for any additional information and please do send photos, videos or work you're proud of through via email so that I can see - please note that it will not be marked and returned, I will just enjoy seeing what you're up to every now and then. 

If you're struggling with any of the work or do not understand how to complete something you can a) go onto something else or b) email me for help. I will do my best to support. 

I hope to see you all soon - be good for your parents and help them around the house! 

Stay healthy and keep those braincells ticking over...

Mr. Baines


Home Learning Pack

Dear Parents,

If your child is at home and the school is still open, the activities in this pack will keep them entertained and their learning going. The link below takes you to the free downloadable Twinkl Home Learning Pack.



Mr Baines.

Year 6 have started a new Geography unit, learning all about OS Maps and symbols. We had a great time trying to match the symbol with its meaning, racing against other groups to complete the task first!
Year 6 welcomed some visitors from the Hindu Temple who taught us all about Hindu culture, Diwali and Hindu dance. We also enjoyed making Rangoli patterns with coloured sand.
As Year 6 musicians, we are using Garageband on the iPads to create beats with different textures and tempos. We will then be applying our knowledge of Viking culture to write a battle chant to accompany the beats. It is great that we can perform our work to the class through our interactive screen!
As Year 6 scientists, we have been learning about classifying living things and, in order to practise giving detailed reasons for classifying plants based on specific characteristics, we went outside and used our school grounds as our laboratory! We sought out a range of leaves and sketched the trees from which they came, labelling them with lots of detail. Then we came back into the classroom (where it was less windy!) and classified the trees using a Classification Key, researching the names of the trees on the internet.

PE Kits

We are doing quite a lot of PE at the minute, trying to 'let off some steam' after tough booster classes and testing. Please could you ensure that your child has a fully-labelled PE kit in school every day, consisting of t-shirt, shorts and trainers.

Thank you!