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The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home?

What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day or two of pupils being sent home?


All children have been integrated into Google Classroom and lessons have been delivered via the online learning platform in school to prepare the children for remote learning.

During this time, all teachers will ensure that work is available for the children to access through Google Classroom and the school website. This learning will be relevant to, and based upon, the curriculum which would otherwise be taught in school, although it is not expected to be as interactive as the longer-term remote learning provision.

In the interim period, following class or school closure, children with limited access to the technology required to engage in remote learning will be provided with a workbook and printed worksheets which they can collect from the school office on request.


Following the first few days of remote education, will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?


We are committed to providing a continuity of education to our children and, in the event of whole class or school closure during term time, we will provide structured, remote learning opportunities for all children to ensure the continued delivery of the curriculum and a consistent approach to pupils’ learning.

All children at Harris Primary School will access their work through Google Classroom. This enables a single point of access for all lessons and resources and allows teachers to host live meetings and provide video explanations and lessons. Google Classroom also allows teachers to monitor pupils’ progress because work can be viewed or submitted through a single system. This in turn makes it easier for teachers to adapt work in the light of pupils’ progress.

The remote learning opportunities provided for Maths and English during any period of closure will be part of our current planning and will use the resources developed and endorsed by the Department for Education through the Oak National Academy. These lessons are sequenced and will be used as our main remote provision. Such resources may also be used to complement other parts of remote provision, for example the foundation subject curriculum.

Work submitted by our children when not in school, will form part of our ongoing assessment of our pupils’ progress.

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